About IPV

Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) is an early to mid stage angel investing platform, which provides both monetary and experiential capital to startups, as well as complete transparency around valuation, findings during due diligence and personal interest (if any) to its investors. We partner with new-age entrepreneurs and take them to the next level by providing them with not just funding but also access to customers, guidance and mentorship.

At IP ventures, we also allow a new investor to start with a small investment while still making a meaningful value proposition for the startup with combined funding from various members. Also, we aim to apply and leverage the distributed knowledge of the members, in a collective manner, to a given investment opportunity.

Membership Benefits

Collective wisdom of the network

Helps in making sound investment decisions. Reducing the probable investment risk is the key in Startup Investments.

Collective wealth of the network

Help in giving higher funding to startups and get better deals.

Startups Saturday Webinars

1 hour investment every Saturday (from home), can result in great long term wealth creation.

Stay updated with the new developments

With one startup pitching every Saturday, one stays updated with all the new concepts & developments happening around.

Use your experience to Grow a Start-up

You can use your experience to grow a startup with the right amount of capital and wide network reach of the IPV member group.

Membership Process and Steps

To become an IPV Member, click the link below and fill up the form for 1 month free trial. Post approval you will be added to the IPV Whatsapp group.

Annual Fee - Rs.12,750 plus 18% GST and Investment fee - 2% of the amount invested in any IPV startup.

Investment Core Team

Investment Members

350+ IPV members comprising of CXOs,
Professionals and HNIs

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