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IPV allows their employees to participate in wealth creation journey by investing in startups through small ticket sizes as low as Rs 25000/-.

If your role doesn’t require you to be present at our premises, you can either work remotely or hybrid subject to job roles & responsibilities.

To initiate an environment of continuous learning for all team members, each team member is assigned a mentor, it enables mentees to tap into the knowledge and experience of their mentors.

IPV provides Yoga sessions and offer sports activities to its employees which contributes greatly to their good health as well as to their well-being at workplace.

What our employees have to say

Starting from 2021, I have almost 3 years of experience at IPV, characterized by substantial personal and professional growth. The mentorship provided by the IPV leaders enables me to surpass my potential.
Paras Mittal Growth Team
It's been an incredible journey for me at IPV. I've noticed significant positive changes in my personality, learning, and exposure. The environment encourages learning through mistakes, fostering growth.
Priya Gupta Business Development Team
My journey has been incredibly valuable and immersive. You also get 360-degree feedback that helps you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses. The team's collaborative atmosphere has helped me contribute meaningfully.
Simran Deep Singh AIR Team


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