1. What is Inflection Point Ventures (IPV)? What does the member base comprise of?

Inflection Point Ventures is an independent forum with over 2500 CXOs & HNIs, aiming to not only connect start-ups with serious investors who mean business but also provide mentorship in critical business aspects. This platform aims to leverage and apply the distributed knowledge of the members, in a collective manner, to a given investment opportunity without the need of intermediaries in deal sourcing, evaluating, and investing in Startups

2. What are the benefits of association with IPV? How is IPV any different from all other angel funds and HNIs already existing in the market?

  1. A diverse group of CXOs & HNIs who bring in, not only financial but also market-related, technology perspectives to you and help your business gear up for growth.
    1. Opportunity to do a B2B sales with companies represented by the members (1000+ companies on the network)
    2. IPV team can also advise the start-up in various critical areas such as legal, technology, forecasting etc. giving them dedicated time and guidance on a regular basis
  2. A network of CXOs across functions and Geography that carry a wealth of experience and are available to help/mentor and guide Startups
  3. You will receive a comprehensive feedback report, post the webinar giving you an insight into how investors have perceived your business proposal and the team’s capabilities
  4. Handholding till Series A as required by the Startup
  5. One Single Point of Contact (SPOC) identified by IPV for interaction with the Start-up, thereby significantly reducing the admin work of Start-up in dealing with multiple individual Angel investors

3. Is IPV a fund or a platform? What is the mode of investment for IPV - Do IPV members invest individually?

There are various ways in which IPV can invest with you

    1. IPV (Designated lead Member) will negotiate common terms and conditions on behalf of the other members, while there will be independent SHAs and SSA signed with investors
    2. IPV can pool in funds and invest with the start-up, in the form of an LLP maintained by the start-up

4. What is the investment approach by IPV - Private Equity or Venture Capital?

We intend to bring the expertise that is usually provided at the level of VC/PE stage to an early-stage company. In terms of guiding the Start-up, and taking interest in the way it is moving, we will “act” as a large fund with the ability to guide and help in the area requested by the Start-up. However, we do not seek to interfere in the decision making of the start-up

5. What are the commercials involved for the startup to raise funding from IPV?

Yes, we do charge a nominal amount to cover the administrative and other evaluation-related costs. This is a mutually agreed upon % of total amount raised via IPV including but not limited to, various B2B deals that may be signed.  We will discuss the fees with the start-up once it clears the voting stage

6. What would be the rights of individual investors from IPV? Are these standards as applicable for the relevant stage of investment in the startup ecosystem?

All standard rights including Drag along, tag along, pre-emptive rights, right to first refusal and so on. Please note that IPV does not take the responsibility of the exit of any of the individual investors whether individually or collectively

7. How IPV supports the startups during the investment phase and post-investment?

Depending on the existing shareholder structure and the amount of investment done by IPV, we will look to help the start-up grow, and help become robust and stable enough to seek Series A funding and so forth. We also provide Tech support where you can access free AWS credits. Besides that, we’ll provide you the access to Founders Genie platform for collaborating with like Minded Founders.

IPV also supports in introducing and recommending the start-up to Venture Capitalists from their network, post which individuals may choose to exit on a case to case basis

8. Who leads the investment process and post-investment support at IPV?

A Lead/Co-lead investor is assigned to the start-up purely for the purpose of ease of negotiations and communication, wherein the start-up will need to deal with one representative only, instead of all investors individually. The Lead/Co-Lead investor will conduct a deep and thorough diligence on the start-up and present their finding to the investor group

9. What are the deliverables from the founder during the investment process at IPV?

  • The start-up’s founders behave in a professional manner throughout. Please be informed of the audience that you are presenting to and dealing with
  • Founders are expected to cooperate with the lead member and lead analyst during the due diligence phase and provide with required documents being sought, in time
  • The terms and conditions negotiated are intended to cover & protect both the parties’ interests and concerns in a mutually agreeable manner
  • In case the investment proposal does not go through, the Start-up should have the maturity to accept the feedback

10. What are the responsibilities of the founder post investment by IPV?

Quarterly performance review calls with investors, Monthly MIS reporting, Attending VC showcases and engagement with our expert panelists