We invest first in the Founder, later in the Startup.

Leaders | Visionaries | Creators | Disruptors | Problem Solvers | Executors | Experimentalists




Startups not only get a cheque, but also mentoring support through initiatives like ‘Expert Panel’

Digitised Processes

A Single Point of Contact is provided to the Startup to help with digitised processes

Technology Support

AWS credits and other technological support are given to all IPV funded startups

Community Building

Community building and peer to peer problem solving through our Founders Genie Program

Speedy Process

The streamlined fundraising process helps the Startup Founders to raise funds in limited time

Startup Growth

‘VC Showcase’ is organised frequently to help startups grow, through connecting them with VCs


  • 1
    Submit Pitch Deck and Evaluation Form

  • 2
    Voting and Initial Screening

  • 3
    Founder’s Call

  • 4
    Feedback Report on Founder’s Call

  • 5
    Business and Financial Due Diligence

  • 6

  • 7
    Issuing of TermSheet, Legal documentation and Funding

  • 8
    Post Funding Engagement


``They have a group of highly motivated investors. These are not the angel networks which are just investing they are also collaborating with you constantly and helping you genuinely scale.``
Dhiraj Naubhar Co-Founder & CEO - Dror
``IPV is connected to literally everybody in the country. So through their reach, we were able to get connected to stakeholders for help with our B2B partnerships.``
Viram Shah Co-Founder & CEO - Vested
``IPV’s network understands founders' dilemmas because most of them have gone through the grind themselves. They have supported us patiently while constantly steering us to stick to the processes.``
Devashish Fuloria Co-Founder - GeoIQ
``What was discussed, what was promised, was delivered without any lag and it gave me the sense that they respect the entrepreneur's time which is really great.``
Arjun Nagarajan Co-Founder - Syook
``With IPV we can always pick up the phone and reach out in case we need to bounce off anything and we are absolutely certain that we’ll get the best possible suggestion.``
Neeraj Aggarwala Founder - Sportido

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